Frequently Asked Questions




If you have Questions, hopefully we have the answers here - if not, please send your question to and we will direct your question to the person who handles that topic for the club. Most of the FAQ's below deal with the Recreational Program of MWUSC. 


I've never heard of the Monroe Woodbury United Soccer Club - who makes up the club and where is it located?

  • The Monroe Woodbury United Soccer Club is the result of the merger of two long time soccer clubs - Monroe Woodbury Soccer Club and Monroe United Soccer Club.  The merger of these two clubs was started in 2013 with the merger of each club's travel soccer program and and completed in the fall of 2014 after merging what was the Monroe Woodbury Soccer Club's Recreational Program and Monroe United Soccer Club's Player Development League. The MWUSC provides various levels of soccer programs (Recreational and Classic Travel) for all players living in the Monroe Woodbury Central School District, as well as a Premier Level of play for advanced soccer players from anywhere in the tri-state area, in our Force FC program.


Is the MWUSC a for profit soccer club?

  • No, the program is run by volunteers with the best interests of the children register to play at heart.  The club has over 1,500 players (Recreational and Travel) so running it with limited volunteers is a sizable amount of work.  We do our best to provide the very best soccer experience for players at all the different levels of play that we offer.  Most issues arise out of a lack of communication - whether that is between parent/coach, coach/board  member or board member/parent - if an issue comes up, PLEASE direct your concerns to or check on the website for the board member in charge of the area of your concern - ie. Registration concern - contact the MWUSC Registrar listed under Executive on the website.


I have a 4 year old child and an 18 year old child; do you provide a recreational program that I can register them for?

  • Yes, the MWUSC Recreational Program offers a PreK division which accepts children that are 3 or 4 years old in the fall season (not in Kindergarten, Kindergartener’s are in U6 division).  As far as the 18 year old, as long as the player does not turn19 prior to the start of the fall season – they will be placed onto a team in the U19 division.   The fall season for all age divisions/programs starts typically in the first week in September. 

Is the MWUSC Recreational Program a co-ed program?

  • In the PreK division the children are mixed (boys/girls) in the same group, although that is up to the trainers running the session.  In the U6-U12 divisions we separate the boys and girls, while the U14 and U19 divisions are mixed (boys/girls).  The decision to mix at the older age divisions is because of the lower number of players registered.  So, basically the club tries to keep the divisions by gender, but if there isn’t enough registered players to form 4 teams – we look to combine with the boys/girls so that we can still provide a place for the kids to play.


When I register my child to play soccer with the Monroe Woodbury United Soccer Club, how long is the season?

  • Registering for the U6-U19 Recreation Program is a full year (Fall and Spring)soccer program - the Fall season would start in September and end in early November, the spring season would start in late March/early April and end in mid June.  The registration fee charged covers the player for the full Fall/Spring season - there is no registering in the spring again. (As long as you registered and played in the fall - you are already set for the spring).
  • Registering for the PreK program for the fall season, is only for the Fall sessions, there will be another registration in Feb/March for the Spring season.  This is done so parents aren't required to commit to a full year, only to learn that their 3 year old refuses to go onto the field and get their cleats dirty, been there - done that.   The Fall season would start in September and end in early November, the spring season would start in late March/early April and end in mid June.  

What do I have to purchase for my child to get them ready to play, after I register him/her for soccer with the MWUSC?

  • When you register your child to play with the MWUSC, he/she will be given a full uniform (Shorts/Socks/Jersey) by your child's coach - which is covered in the registration fee.  You would be responsible for purchasing cleats, shin guards and a soccer ball for your child - as well as planning to bring water to each practice/game that your child attends.  One could typically purchase cleats/shin guards/ball at Modell's/Wal-Mart for an approximate total cost of $40.


Can I pick my child's coach or request that they be on a friend’s team?

  • No, you can not pick your child's coach in most instances and although you can request to be placed with a friend - there is no guarantee that we will be able to place them together.  The easiest way to guarantee that two friends will be on the same team, is for a parent of each child to volunteer to coach the team together. 


What days are the practices and games played on and where?

  • Practices are scheduled by the team coach and are generally whenever that coach can fit it into their busy lives - another good reason to coach the set the practice schedule!!  The location of the practice session is generally at any local field -again, picked by the coach.  We can not dictate to the coach when to hold practices - they are volunteers and will schedule one practice per week when they are able to be there for the team. 
  •  Games are held on different days depending on the age group - see below:
  •  PreK program (3 and 4 year olds) - sessions are held on Saturday mornings at a local school field. 
  •  U6 (kindergarteners) - Games are held on Saturdays - late morning to early afternoon, depending on the number of players registered -games played at a local field.
  •  U8-U14 (1st graders-8th graders) Games are held typically on Sundays from 12 noon to 5pm - depending on the number of players registered - games played at a local field.
  •  U19 (9th graders-12 graders) Games are held typically on Saturdays from 12 noon to 5pm - depending on the number of players registered -games played at a local field.


How/When, will I be contacted by the coach of my child's team after registering to play soccer with MWUSC?

  • Once registered, your child will be placed onto a team and the coach of that team will be given a roster containing all the players AND all of the contact information that you put into the system when you registered.  This first contact from coach will occur approximately 1 week prior to the start of the season.  This means if you put in the wrong information when registering, coach will have a hard time contacting you - PLEASE make sure all information put into the system is accurate.  In this day and age of e-mail/texting, communication should not be difficult as long as the proper information is put into the system. 


How do I order uniforms for my child? / My child's uniform does not fit, what do I do?

  • When you register your child to play soccer with the MWUSC, there is a section asking for the size of Shirt/Shorts/Sock that you would like to order for your child in the Registration form.  Please make sure that you put in the correct information when clicking these boxes - we do not order bulk uniforms, they are ordered as needed/registered and take 3-4 weeks to get in - so if you order a YS and your child is a YL, it will not fit. 
  •  If the uniform does not fit - please ask the coach to see if someone on the team has a uniform too small/big that you may be able to swap with.  If all else fails contact the MWUSC HeadCoach at and we will try to resolve the issue. 


What size soccer ball should I buy for my child?

  •  For children ages 3-7, a size 3 ball is appropriate.
  •  For children ages 8-11, a size 4 ball is appropriate.
  •  For Children ages 12 and over, a size 5 ball is appropriate. 

Does my child have to wear his uniform, shin guards and cleats to practice?

  • Uniform - No, not necessary for practices.   Shin guards however must be worn at all practices and games - outdoor or indoor.  Cleats should be worn at all outdoor sessions, flats/sneakers should be worn if the child is participating in indoor club activities, unless specifically told otherwise by the coach.  The uniform given, as well as cleats and shin guards should be worn for all games. 


Can I drop off my child for games/practices and just return at the end of the session?

  • Speak with the team coach about this BEFORE just dropping a child at a session and leaving. In most instances, the player’s age, maturity level and coach's situation will dictate this.  If the coach is uncomfortable with you leaving during the session for any reason and he tells you that, you will be expected to stay.  Either way - discuss this with the coach before hand to prevent any misunderstandings.


I changed my mind about my child playing soccer, can I get a refund?

  • If the season has not started (meaning no games have been played) when you notify the MWUSC and request a refund - the club will refund your registration fee paid- minus a $25 uniform fee and $5 administrative processing fee.  If play has already started, no refunds will be given. 


How do I know when my child's games are schedules, on what date and where?

  • Once you have been contacted by your child's coach, he will give you the team name of your child's team and the division. (ie, U6 boys, U10 girls) Once you have that information, you can go to and click on the "Recreation" link - which will open a drop down box containing all of the different divisions in the Recreational Program (Travel link will contain all of the Travel teams listed) Click on your child's division and that will bring you to the U6(for example) Division’s webpage, at that webpage you can click on "Teams" and then click your child's team name - which will bring you to  your child's team webpage.  In that Team webpage you will find the schedule, coach's name/contact e-mail and any other information that the coach puts up - ie, pictures, practice info, and/or players names. 

I have no idea where XYZ Field is - where are the directions to the field?

  • The website lists the field locations by going to “” > “About MWUSC” > “Fields”, or by clicking here. You will see a long list of fields used by many of our teams/divisions. Click on the field name to find addresses and locations from a central location.  

I’ve noticed that in some age groups there are no goalies and in some older divisions, they do not play 11v11 – why is that?

  • In the U6 division the format is for the kids to play 3v3, which gives the players the most opportunity to touch the ball – which is the main goal at that age.  The goals used are small Pugg goals, so there are no goalies – this allows for lots of goals being scored by the players, which the players love!!  In the U8 division, we start with no goalies in the fall and then change to having goalies in the spring season.  Doing this allows the players to score more goals in the fall, building the player’s confidence and then making it more challenging in the spring by having goalies.    All other divisions have goalies in their games. 
  •  In the past, the MWUSC Recreational program  had 11v11 play start at the U12 division, however changes are being made in the soccer community nationally and the change is to playing 8v8 at that age.  The reason for this is because the fewer players that you have on a field, the more each player will actually touch the ball – and the more they actually touch the ball the better for each player out there.  In the MWUSC 11v11 would start with the U14 division, although ultimately the number of players registered for that division would dictate that.  If there are only 10-12 players on a team, we would have the division play 8v8 – for obvious reasons. 

I’ve registered my son for the MWUSC Recreational Program, if he ends up loving it and is really, really good – can I transfer him to a travel team?

  • No, when you register for the Recreational Program, you are making a commitment to that recreational team for the full season (fall and spring).  One would have to apply to the MWUSC Board of Directors with any requests to try to change from one program to the other – and the decision to allow any more is decided by the Board of Directors. 

Are there any game day rules or field etiquette?

  • During games, both teams sit on the same sideline and split their side at midfield, meaning there should be no coaches walking the entire length of the field, just half, with the exception of the  U6 division. Parents and spectators sit accross the field from the teams on the opposite sideline. The end lines (where goals are located) should have no one sitting or standing at all.
  • Absolutely no dogs allowed. Does not matter if they are the friendliest dog in the world, which we are sure everyone thinks of their own dog. Doesn't matter if they are 5 pounds, 150 pounds, or any other size, leave that dog at home.
  • Pick up your garbage, this also includes your kids and their water bottles. The fields should be as clean when you leave as when you arrived.
  • Absolutely no harassing the referees, they can make mistakes ocassionally too! There is no reason that harassing them would ever be acceptable. Remember, they are somebody's child in this community.


If my son/daughter gets hurt while playing soccer, who pays for any medical treatment?

  • If your player is hurt during a practice/game and needs to see a medical professional, immediately contact the coach and advise him of this.  He will complete an Accident/Incident form and advise the MWUSC HeadCoach.  Each player is insured for injuries occurred while playing in the club, however the player's primary insurance is the first one used to submit to the care giver by the parent.  The insurance that we have for each player is a secondary one, which would be used for any monies paid and not covered by the player's primary insurance.  There is a $500 deductible on the insurance policy for any claims. 

 I love the MWUSC and see that a lot of work is needed to keep the club running.  I have some extra time and would like to volunteer to help with the club, who do I contact?

  • There are many, many ways that anyone can volunteer to help our club – and No, you don’t have to be a former elite soccer player to do it.  Our volunteers range from helping get the fields ready for game day (lining fields/sand bags/flags) to helping organize events (think Picture Day/Club Picnic) to overseeing the communication of one of our programs or helping with ordering all the uniforms– it pretty much runs the spectrum.  If anyone would like to volunteer, please e-mail our Exec President – Rich Molino at

Our family just moved into the area and the season has already started, can I still get my children onto a team?

  • The MWUSC opens registration in May for the season that will start in September and we typically close registration by early August.  The reason for this is that we have to make teams/order uniforms and coordinate the fields -and knowing how many players/teams that we will have playing dictates much of that.  Once the start of the season opens it will be very difficult for us to place players onto teams. However we do open spring registration in February as a way to add players on teams for the spring. For further questions on this, email the club head coach, Russ Perna at

What is the discount and how do I get the multiple child discount, when I go to register it shows the full price- how do I get the discount?
          First child in the family/household is the full fee, 2nd child in the family/household is $25 off, 3rd child in the family/household is $50 off and 4th child in the family/household is free. 


  • To take advantage of the multiple children registered with MWUSC discount, first register your first child - than start to register your second child.  The first "Step" - Step 1 is the screen where you put in your player's name/date of birth/access code(if returning player) and then all of the player's basic information as well as the parents info, volunteer info, medical info etc - complete all of that and click the box on the bottom that says "Save and Proceed to Step 2". 
  • Step 2 is where you will pick which Program you are registering your player for - Recreational Soccer/Travel Soccer/VIP or PreK Soccer - once you pick the program click the box on the bottom that says "Save and Proceed to Step 3". 
  • Step 3 is called Review and Consent - this is where you will review and then give consent by checking the small box on the bottom left - it starts with "I acknowledge...."  The price listed in this screen will be $190 or $0 (PreK) or $65 (VIP) - it is okafter checking the "I acknowledge..." box, click "Save and Proceed to Step 4".  
  • Step 4 is COUPON CODES - this is where the discount is applied.   Below "Coupon Codes" you will see "PAYMENT" in bold letters, below this is the information for the coupon codes (or discounts).  Put in "2nd Child" in the coupon box and click "Submit Coupon Code" - that will applied the discount and you will see the amount change on that page.  You would do the same thing when registering for your third child - only putting "3rd Child" in the coupon code box, and when registering for your "4th Child" if you have one.   Finally, select your payment method and fill out the details before clicking on the “Submit Payment” button. You will receive a confirmation message on your screen and to your email address.