Develop your leadership skills and earn some extra money while serving our soccer community. Kids 14 years and older, consider getting trained as a referee to help ensure the continued success of MWUSC. Information on referee training can be found below.

MWUSC is excited to begin providing referee training for our recreation club ONLINE for those serious-minded and committed 14 years older. This training certification program will prepare participants for referee Recreation Club games and provide a new perspective on the game they already play. Our club recreation referees is a paid position for $25/game and also can be considered a (volunteer) service hours for school/religious commitments. There will be an additional in-person training class but the online may be sufficient especially for those players that have played travel.


Please email MWUSC Director of Referee Development, Brad Gollinger at

Become a US Soccer Referee in ENY

Step 1: Create a Profile at the US Soccer Learning Center website. Go to the US Soccer Learning Center website ( where you can read about the pathway for referees directly from U.S. Soccer.Click “Sign‐up” at the top and fill out the form. Then, be sure to click “Sign up now” at the bottom to finish up.

Step 2: Sign‐up for your Grassroots Online Course
Once you have a profile with US Soccer, select “Courses” at the top and “Available Courses.” You’ll be presented with course options. Register for the Grassroots Online Course ( and pay the $20 fee to U.S. Soccer. This video‐based course will teach you many of the Laws of the Game and test your knowledge as you go. You will need to complete 100% of this prior to attending the Grassroots In‐Person Course. The estimated time to completion is about 5 hours, but you can stop and come back later.

Accessing The Learning Center And Taking The Online Grassroots Referee Course